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We Take Advertising Seriously 


Guys hate going to the Doctor. It’s a fact. No man likes to admit he’s having trouble in the bedroom but at least half of all men will suffer from Sexual Health issues at some point in their lives. It is extremely important to get help not only because Sexual issues affect relationships but also because conditions like Erectile Dysfunction can be an indicator of other serious health problems. Over the past several years, Tennessee Men’s Clinic providers have discovered cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical issues that had been previously undiagnosed. In our experience, we’ve found that men who first visit us often haven’t been to a doctor in years.


We take Advertising seriously. Our marketing is implemented to assist in removing the stigma commonly associated with Sexual Health issues and to build a bridge for men to get the help they need, whether at Tennessee Men’s Clinic or somewhere else.


Our Marketing team strives to strike the delicate balance of being professional but also attracting patients in different ways. From a medical perspective, Sexual Health is no laughing matter, but sometimes by utilizing light-hearted ads we can get a point across in a unique way to promote the knowledge that seeking help isn’t hard or embarrassing. In certain advertisements, we may attempt humor (sometimes it’s funny and sometimes we miss the mark) but we never want to downplay the importance of a medical issue. We understand that men with Erectile Dysfunction feel vulnerable and we want to do everything in our power to make the experience comfortable and light-hearted while providing professional treatment in a serious manner.


Our Advertising Pledge to You:


      • We will only make claims we can back up with evidence in medical literature or studies


      • When we attempt “Dad-Humor” in our ads we will give Sexual Health the respect it deserves


      • We welcome constructive feedback from anyone who has read, listened to, or watched an advertisement


      • If we find a way to advertise more effectively, truthfully, or professionally we will make the appropriate changes as soon as possible.


      • We will continue the fight to remove any stigma associated with having Sexual Health problems


      • If a potential patient has questions or concerns about a specific claim or advertisement, a staff member can be reached for clarification.


The purpose of this section is to display our current ads and explain the statements we use for 100% transparency and honesty. If you have concerns about a particular ad or have questions about a study, link, or statement, please email us at to start the discussion.


Don't Lose Hope Newspaper

Don’t Lose Hope: Before coming to Tennessee Men’s Clinic, many of our patients have tried multiple treatments with little or no success. Many think there is “no hope” for them because of age, medical condition, or assume they’ve “tried everything” Our goal is to help men understand there can be success even after several failures and there may be other treatment options that will work.

This study concludes that ED does affect the psychological well-being of men. In addition, patient’s knowledge about ED and its management is also crucial in ensuring that the patient achieves optimal therapeutic outcomes from ED therapy. Association of psychological factors, patients’ knowledge, and management among patients with erectile dysfunction. Huri, Sanusi, Razack, Mark. May 2016.

Is E.D. ruining your life? It is common knowledge that sexual dysfunction can cause stress in relationships. In a recent Cosmopolitan article, Laura Beck states that “No Sex” is a leading cause of Long-Term relationship failure*.

Tennessee Men’s Clinic has helped thousands of men regain the ability and stamina to perform in bed. Tennessee Men’s Clinic currently has diagnosed and/or treated several thousand Middle Tennessee men.

Erectile dysfunction: Our treatments can work when pills and herbals fail, even with complications like diabetes, prostate problems, and heart surgery. Patients often come to Tennessee Men’s Clinic due to failures or partial failures with ED treatments. We have medications beyond just pills that can work when pills or herbals fail. We utilize sublingual troches and injectable forms of medications that are administered differently than pills or herbal options. Some of our medications are safe to take with Nitrates and work well in patients with Diabetes, Prostate issues, and even heart surgery. We are conservative about your health and, in rare circumstances (with your approval), we may consult your physician before starting treatment.**

Premature Ejaculation. Stay in control and satisfy your partner with confidence. Tennessee Men’s Clinic follows AUA guidelines regarding the treatment of PE***.

Receive a test dose, testosterone and PSA test for just $99! The $99.00 “Initial Visit Fee” includes a consultation with one of our experienced providers to establish a diagnosis and discuss a potential treatment plan. The visit also includes laboratory blood testing to evaluate testosterone levels and PSA. A test dose may be administered if a patient is medically qualified for it. If our provider determines that you are not medically qualified for a test dose you are not required to pay the Initial Visit Fee. If you are medically qualified for Tennessee Men’s Clinic treatments then you will be provided treatment plan options that are not included in the Initial Visit Fee.


* *


Courage Television Commercial

Courage Television Commercial

Lines 1-9: A recent study titled “Treatment motivation of Men with ED” states that 70% to 80% of patients are hesitant to seek treatment for ED. The main reasons cited for the hesitance is shame and fear that the physician will not take it seriously. It really does require courage to overcome those negative feelings and we do take Sexual Health seriously. The study also acknowledges the important role women playing in helping men seek help for ED. Study Link:


Lines 10-11: We follow the American Urology Association’s (AUA) guidelines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If deemed appropriate by our medical providers, often patients are given a test dose of one of those treatments. The medications given in a test dose are classified by the AUA as the most successful treatment for ED. While we can’t guarantee perfect results on the first visit, most men see results in one visit, either medically or armed with information to help them tackle Sexual problems.




Passion TV

Passion TV

While it is possible to have passion and romance even when experiencing ED, “no passion”, “no romance” are common ways our patients describe how they feel when they lose the ability to achieve an erection and be intimate with their partners. Commonly, our patients report an increase or return of passion and romance when they are able to overcome ED.

Attention TV

Attention TV

Erectile dysfunction now affects 30 million men. The Massachusetts male aging study reports a prevalence of 52%. Using this data, The Cleveland Clinic suggests there will be 617,715 new cases of erectile dysfunction in the USA annually.

Excuses Radio

Excuses Radio

Excuses or barriers to treatment come in many forms. One of our main goals with our advertising is to help men break down mental barriers, realize it’s not a big deal to ask for help and receive the treatment they need. The study titled Drivers and barriers to seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction: a comparison of six countries, details common barriers. For younger men, the excuse “it will resolve spontaneously” was the most common barrier.

Unfortunately, spontaneously resolution is rare and ED can be a sign of a serious disease that needs to be evaluated. For older men, the excuse “it is a normal part of aging” was the most common barrier. It is true that ED prevalence increases with age but most men can successfully treat and manage their ED even as they age. We’ve had men in their 90’s get help!

Other common barriers were an embarrassment and the belief nothing can be done to help. We can help you overcome the stigma and we can show you that in most cases, something can be done about it. Another key point to this study is that 38.8% of men were driven to receive treatment by their spouse or partner. Treating your ED matters to us – and it matters to your partner. Study Link

Attention Men Radio

Attention Men Radio

Another shocking fact this study reveals is that almost half the young patients presenting had severe erectile dysfunction. Only specializing in male sexual health allows us to identify these trends and personalize our treatments for our patients regardless of stereotypical labels like age.

Study Link. One Patient out of four with newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction is a young man-worrisome picture from the everyday clinical practice


Restoring Relationships Radio

Restoring Relationships Radio

An intimate relationship between two people is very personal and private. Unfortunately, ED can affect and/or change a relationship. Men feel embarrassed and guilty, making it difficult to talk to their partners about the issue. It is suggested that ED is a factor for one in five failed marriages. It can have an effect on trust, intimacy, and closeness. Men can withdraw emotionally and physically because of fear of failure. Their partners can start to believe they are losing interest in them, which impacts their self-esteem and feelings of attractiveness. The good news is treatment of ED can improve this impact and is a very important part of restoring a relationship when affected by ED.

Research Link: Psychosocial and relationship issues in men with erectile dysfunction.